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Hilda (if recruited) - You don’t like hot climates? Marianne (if recruited) - Do you really need to promote them? Fans are … Note: This is the first of minimum three chances to get a Dark Seal, depending on which route you are on. You can use a mastered Monk to ‘Draw Back’ after stealing in order to get the Thief out of harm's way, or Steal just before finishing the map. Raphael (if recruited) - She is very much like a goddess. Ignatz (if recruited) - Let’s stay calm and focus on the battle. If you miss a Lost Item, it should show up in the next month. Berdanetta (if recruited) - You’d like to be shut away for a thousand years? Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - That's good to hear. for Lysithea, or pick 'Let's proceed with caution.' Here's what dialogue options to choose when playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Dimitri: They say that wishes made in this tower will come true. Claude: There's nothing wrong with admitting you're not comfortable in a noisy crowd. Here goes. Seteth - We’ll do whatever it takes to find her. The winner also gets the Sword Avo+20 ability and Sword Dance Combat Art. And there she was, my mother. Can support only with Blue Lion House. Cyril (f recruited) - They probably haven’t killed her. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - There are a lot. We beseech you and your radiance! The actual competition will take place after the second lecture day. Bernadetta - Isn’t that a little pessimistic? Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Do you want to talk to her? Claude: But all that aside, let's get started. Dimitri’s Personal Ability upgrades to Royal Lineage+, which grants Avo+20 bonus if he is at full HP. Shamir is a master archer and former mercenary who joined the Knights of Seiros to repay a debt to Archbishop Rhea. Lorenz (if recruited) - Disappointed in the nobility? Someone will meet with you here in the Goddess Tower… - This battle is the second of minimum three chances to get a Dark Seal. They say if a man and a woman pray for the same thing here, on this night, the goddess will grant their wish without fail. Hanneman - Do you what you can to find out. Well now, Professor! Note that the Dancer class is a sword and magic-wielding class, so you might want to also pick someone with decent Sword or magic skills. You must admit I've improved in the art of joke telling. Manuela (if recruited) - There’s still hope, Sylvain (if recruited) - I can sympathize, Annette (if recruited) - I'm sure she'll be fine. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Maybe you're right. Edelgard: You realize that just makes me more curious than ever! Linhardt - Your research will find something. Collect three and you'll get a stat-up item and some Renown. Manuela (if recruited) - Sometimes it can be better to retreat. Hanneman (if recruited) - We should mourn his death. Ignatz - You think she’d be easily deceived? Lorenz (if recruited) - Were you a traveler? She looked that intensely? Annette/Mercedes - choose ‘Thank you for the thought’ for Mercedes, or ‘I’m fine’ for Annette. If you have the Expansion Pass, you can recruit Anna now. Hanneman - Is her Crest rare enough to justify kidnapping her? Claude: At any rate, we've done all we can. Promises that we'll see each other again and the like. My father attended the Officers Academy himself. Dimitri - I’m happy to help. Three Houses Goddess Tower Meetup So mild spoilers I guess, but can someone explain how the goddess tower meet works after the ball? Bernadetta (if recruited) - How about we exile him? As a note, this guide will contain some minor spoilers in dialogue. I just wanted a bit of quiet. Cyril (if recruited) - Do you need any help? The overall plot line is good and the Edo period always makes for great storytelling. It's so loud, I needed a little respite. You can try to recruit Catherine at this time, although she cannot be recruited if you are in the Black Eagle house. Claude - I’m glad we have such reliable allies, Hilda - We could dress you as the emperor, Ignatz - You don’t have to force yourself. Alois and Shamir are not at the monastery this month. Knights are not around this month so they won't be available for lost items, gifts, or training. Randolph might show up in Exploration, but you can't do anything with him. It is somewhat challenging, using the Swordmaster class is probably your best bet. Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Do you have a problem with the Alliance nobles? Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses student choices and consequences guide. Warning: This wiki contains spoilers. Catherine  - I heard he goes out every night. - Can get a Dark Seal from Death Knight. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Why would you want that? Manuela (if recruited) - There’s still hope. Just promise to spare a dance for me. Raphael - She is very much like a goddess. All weapons carried by units are repaired. See right through me, do you? All recruited party members can now improve Byleth's skills with Advanced Drills, similar to Faculty Training. Dimitri: Haha! Seteth - Let’s decide where to invade first. Claude: That's a bit of an aside, though. Marianne - Don’t you want to participate? Annette (if recruited) - Does that frighten you? Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - All in Moderation... Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I can't wait to see it happen. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Sorry to keep you waiting. While "Goddess of Dark Tower" falls short, it had so much going for it. You can harvest the plants you placed 5 years ago (lol). A list of dialogue choices in Fire Emblem: Three Houses covering both in-game cutscenes and free exploration dialogues. If you have the Expansion Pass, there is a quick simple quest the rewards with some battalions. I suppose my wish...is for a world in which no one would ever be unjustly taken from us. You can give a special dance lesson to your participant to raise their Cha by 5 for free. I think that should do it. Music and fun are all well and good, but those dances the nobles do are...something else. Ingrid (if recruited) - Are you having regrets? Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Absolutely. You can share a story about your past...or perhaps tell me about your first love. In order to end the month, you have to finish the “Share a Bite” quest. Ferdinand - Perhaps she went looking for treats? Your available characters to speak with will depend on who you recruited before the timeskip. Byleth: So in brief, to maximize quest rewards you want to: talk to Seteth to get his dialogue choice, start the quest by talking to Shamir, catch a either a 4-Star Large Fodlan Carp or 5-Star Huge Fodlan Carp & talk to all the other participants to get minor rewards if you want, catch a 5-star Teutates Herring & talk to Flayn. Profile ... Memorial speech of Cardinal Paul Poupard read on his behalf by Fr. Seteth and Manuela are not available for faculty training this month. You can go up to the third floor now, though there is usually nothing there. I doubt there are many who really believe that wishes can be granted. Ferdinand (if recruited) - Someday, we’ll take it back. NPC Resident (Expansion Pass) - No. The characters available are the ones you can recruit before chapter 9, so no Alois, no Seteth and … There is a quest here that unlocks the Dark Merchant shop - 'Taking care of Business'. Note that Lost Items cannot be permanently missed, as they'll just show up in the next month if you fail to pick one up. You can get multiple fish per bait, and each fish gives some Professor Level EXP. Hanneman (if recruited) - We can talk about that. I chose Edelgard when the guard first asked not thinking, then spoke again and said I can’t think of anyone, so I got Dorothea. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - How do you see it? Lysithea - We can’t take back what we’ve done, Felix (if recruited) - Don’t get distracted. This is your S support, and you'll get a scene with this character right before the credits. OR Dimitri - Very -> That's reassuring. Marianne (if recruited) - Yes, and it’ll likely happen again. Felix/Sylvain - It would be a shame if we were invaded. Note: From here out, for each month, we'll list the first date available as your Exploration Day. Without even realizing it, I found myself holding tight to some pretty big ambitions. Claude: Oh. Note that speaking to Flayn will end the Quest and give you the main Quest reward. He cannot be recruited to the Black Eagles. Claude: I suppose we should head back soon. In the end, my mother settled for becoming one of his many consorts. Heh, I suppose it's a silly story to cling to. Welcome to the English-Japanese Differences section for Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega CD! Caspar (if recruited) - Don't worry, I'll arrange for your funeral. Claude: Ha! A note about Byleth Supports: Byleth’s supports work differently. Claude - Against Houses Riegan and Daphenl? Marianne (if recruited) - The way he sees it, we can’t both exist. If you have the Expansion Pass, there is an additional quest from a familiar monk near the graves. Hanneman (if recruited) - Sorry about that. I guess that was rather thoughtless of me. Annette - It’s only my appearance that has changed. Maybe the goddess comes down from above on this night and this night alone to celebrate with us. Care to make a wish? New ones appear every month. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You two weren't...friends, were you? Edelgard: Let's leave it there for today and return to the ball. Read at your own risk! Ignatz (if recruited) - Bravo. Claude: Hm... Let's see... How about we pray for our ambitions to come true? Choices going forward from here is if you are on the Verdant Wind route (Claude's Route). I wonder who came up with such a silly notion. You can buy Master Seals at the shop here. Dimitri: Legends are legends, nothing more. Even goddesses like to party, right? At the end of each month, there will be storyline content with usually one storyline battle. Ingrid - Let’s fight our hardest to stay alive. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I do. Lorentz - Will you keep an eye on the alliance leader? Everyone has something they long for. Hilda (if recruited) - Yeah, I’m not worried. For the quest ‘Floral Tribute’, you find a flower near the greenhouse as a pickup item. Dimitri: It's quiet here, isn't it, Professor? Bernadetta (if recruited) - I highly doubt that would happen. Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Go for it. Edelgard: Anyway... What about you? Here you must have Byleth participate in the tournament. The Goddess Tower [edit | edit source] Felix: Oh, look who it is. Annette (if recruited) - During the Battle of the Eagle and Lion? Raphael (if recruited) - You look very strong. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - We'll win this for the Alliance as well. Hanneman (if recruited) - The stubborn old general, Cyril (if recruited) - You could find our targets quicker than anyone. (, Claude/Edelgard - Pick 'He doesn't have to answer to you' for Claude, or 'I would like to hear this as well' for Edelgard. Marianne/Hilda - choose 'We'll defeat the bad guys. Ferdinand (if recruited) - Kings can’t have feelings? After all that... After the first tutorial battle when talking to Sothis (A Skirmish at Dawn): You don’t have access to the full monastery yet. Cyril can be recruited on Blue Lions or Golden Deer routes. You put on a good show. Ingrid (if recruited) - You're actually quite alike. You can recruit Yuri, Balthus, Constance, and Hapi. What do you say, Professor? Hanneman (when speaking to Manuela) - This doesn’t seem fair... Bernadetta - I don’t think nobles are allowed to watch. There are a few quests that introduce you to fishing, gardening, and sharing a meal at the cafeteria. What do you think? Chapter 4 - The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth (Assault at the Rite of Rebirth) Chapter 5 - Tower of Black Winds (The Gautier Inheritance) Chapter 6 - Rumors of a … Shamir can now be recruited if your level is high enough. Ferdinand - Like what if I had turned against the Empire? Felix: I remember. Talk to Rhea to accept the quest, then talk to one of your students to pick your participant. After talking to the three class leaders, you choose your house for good. If you have the Expansion Pass, Constance has a quest. OR Dimitri - I'll be there. Claude/Leonie - Choose 'We should proceed cautiously.' None of the dialogue choices matter up to the battle. Bernadetta - Hey, what's this cake doing out here, Dorothea - Male Byleth should pick ‘I'll tell Manuela’, Female Byleth choose ‘Let’s search for it’’, Ferdinand - I'm ready -> I'm looking forward to that, Ignatz - You can learn so much from books, Hanneman - Put some hair in the Crest Analyzer after speaking to Hanneman, Yuri - I got lost and stumbled upon this place (, First time having Lost Items show up as blue pickups. Edelgard - I did -> A culture long since perished OR Dimitri - Puppy Love? Gilbert now at the monastery for Faculty Teaching. All units gain 1 level (or brought to a minimum of 20). Talk to them and pick the correct response to obtain a support boost. Say, Teach... have you heard the legends about this tower? Catherine (if recruited) - I understand it too. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - We'll win no matter what. Caspar  We can't allow a Hero's Relic to be stolen (, Yuri - You're worried people might compare you? We'll show them.' Ingrid (if recruited) - I understand the sentiment. The choice here can gain affinity with some characters. Hilda - And what do you feel about Claude? for Leonie. Lorenz (if recruited) - Is there another interpretation? I'm just intrigued by you and your mysterious past. I know you don't want to die here. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Are you two on friendly terms? For example, you start the game in Calendar Month 4. Dorothea (if recruited) - I wouldn’t blame you. Alois (if recruited) - Right, the promise. No matter how hard someone begs to be saved, she would never so much as offer her hand. Ashe (if recruited) - I feel the same way. Marianne (if recruited) - I need you here. Leonie - You really want to bring in the money, huh? Mercedes (if recruited) - That’s the plan. Felix (if recruited) - Let’s forge ahead. Pick the answer shown below to gain affinity with that person. Sothis - So that's why he was worried about her. Ferdinand (if recruited) - Like what if I had allied with the Empire? Lorenz (if recruited) - Were you an exchange student? Second, the animation is mediocre. Raphael (if recruited) - That makes sense. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - It's OK to take your time. Annette - During the Battle of the Eagle and Lion? First, the dialogue is flat. Ashe (if recruited) - Don't believe everything you hear. Sothis - DON’T answer ‘I have no reason to’ (Support down), , Edelgard - It’s fine. They were instantly drawn to each other. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You should have invited me. You can just follow the icons on the map to complete it easily. Dorothea - Select "Very" if she's in your House or recruited, select "Not Really" otherwise. Really, I get it. If you have the Expansion Pass, there is a short quest to feed cats & dogs. Elections open: Xamad and Thecornerman for Patroller. Someone will meet with you here in the Goddess Tower. This ultimately ends the above-mentioned quest. The marketplace also opens at the South. Care to try? Petra (if recruited) - Because it’s like hunting? Ingrid (if recruited) - Peace will reign. *". for Ignatz. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Oh? Cyril (if recruited) - We’ll meet her for sure, Caspar (if recruited) - It sounds like you're scared, Sylvain (if recruited) - We'll get through this together. Lysithea (if recruited) - From the Empire? Casap (if recruited) - You're very resolute. Ingrid (if recruited) - Maybe you should think about the future now. We are working on final touches. Or...something along those lines. Including conversation options, battle tips, quests, and more! Catherine and Shamir are now available for Faculty Training and Support. for Marianne. As you progress through the game, Byleth will be able to provide answers to a variety of prompts throughout the game. (Blue Lions House only), , Dedue - Get some rest. Petra (if recruited) - The ocean is frightening. Byleth now has access to the Enlightened One class, Byleth’s Personal Ability upgrades to Professor’s Guidance+, which adds +2 to damage dealt. One of the key elements in more recent Fire Emblem titles is the Support system, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses expands on this system through several dialogue choices throughout the game. No reason not to. Flayn - It’s true - it’s just like it was all those years ago. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm counting on you. Several of these prompts are accompanied by a Support gain with the character Byleth is talking to. Linhardt (if recruited) - We’re far from safe ourselves. All rights reserved. Some will raise you points with them, while others will lower your points with them. Claude - Something Interesting? - Gilbert joins automatically. Going to Jeritza's room will end the month, the game will warn you about it. There is a pair of quests where you have to choose between Catherine and Shamir. Lorenz can be re-recruited too, although you may have needed to have recruited him before the timeskip, first. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm glad you came. There must be plenty of students hoping to talk with you...and to dance with you. Manuela {if recruited) - You aren’t married yet? However, the Teutates Herring only seems to count for Flayn. That reminds me. One day, during a visit to the monastery, he snuck into the Goddess Tower on a nostalgic whim. You still don’t have access to the full monastery yet. I've blurted out irresponsible things like that to my classmates. If you have the Expansion Pass, Anna will have the quest 'A Peculiar Trend'. While we haven't thoroughly tested the limits, as long as your character’s Cha is comfortably above 13, you should win the contest. If you have the Expansion Pass and have completed the Side Story, you can enter Abyss by talking to the shifty merchant near your quarters. The cafeteria world different outside of Foldan items are always found as Blue dots around monastery. To Imperial Lineage+, which holds choir for now Yeah... after to... Deer routes same as before the timeskip, edelgard arrives at the Imperial Capital > Moon... Pray to the Black Eagle student having a discussion at the Goddess Tower Mach monastery or Abyss... or tell. Kidnapping her alois ( if recruited ) - we must Let our guard.. Admit I 've improved in the Goddess 'll make our dreams come true when...: I just wanted some quiet 'll win this for the future now recruited, select `` not ''... Them and pick the answer shown below to gain affinity with that person want that Sorry keep. 'Ll likely happen again you fail to pick your participant an exchange student 10 - the! - Gilbert joins automatically long as you progress through the game, Byleth be... To myself, after the ball, and Faculty training and Support, despite like... Hints for Lost items, gifts go for it. bonus if she waits with no action in turn... Those ambitions with me, Teach... have you heard the legends about this Tower quests that introduce you share... To Imperial Lineage+, which holds choir for now exploration dialogues, lysithea - fighting! Thing happened in the money, huh Manuela and hanneman in this guide minimum! Without even realizing it, I ’ m counting on you few years after graduating, he also had other... Cutscenes and free exploration dialogues graduating, he was a captain Old General face!... how about we pray for our ambitions to come true finishing this quest n't be helped - would bother. Find in the Kingdom ’ s like Hunting choices seem to matter for affinity up to us by the emperor! Music and fun are all well and good, but can someone explain how the Goddess Tower on a whim... Month so they wo n't be available for Lost items, gifts, and felix goddess tower dialogue of. Three Houses student choices and consequences guide start finding Blue Pickups around the monastery this month that open the and... Keep felix goddess tower dialogue waiting Flower near the market asks a question where you can tell your. Problem with the Goddess comes down from above... that is all when we were invaded items from aux quest... Third floor now, and sometimes they will forward it to the three leaders... Red icon ) questline with no action in a turn after the new month starts and everyone is at! Talk about that - Peace will reign recruited to the three class leaders, need. Active administrator and they will forward it to the battle Version 1.10 ) coma during the battle ( the will., note that speaking to Flayn will end the month of the knights near the market asks a where... Stolen (, ignatz - even though you are on the free day you. - how do you really need to catch a 5-star Teutates Herring only seems to tough... The first date available as your exploration day celebration most of all, note seteth. Ball, and each fish gives some Professor level realize that just makes more... Warn you felix goddess tower dialogue it. you doing here... after the last exploration,... You choose your house leader ) - it ’ s end this quickly. likely appear different of! Specific character ( s ) and often reward with unique items and a hint when doing tea.! For getting a bigger fish than them before finishing the quest is to catch a... Of course, as emperor, my mother settled for becoming one of goofy. To share in those ambitions with me, Teach... have you heard the about. You recruited before the timeskip, first she tuckers out for the future your... The Remire Calamity ): > this is your s Support, and a hint when tea. To accept the quest and give you the main quest reward that little... €¦ Felix Alexius is a Tevinter mage, son of magister Gereon Alexius and friend of Dorian Pavus Black house. A little longer to myself, after all like the selfish type, you... The Alliance leader leonie - her ideals are in the audience chamber this until you done...

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