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I've never seen such a 'You're worthless' smile in my entire life.". When Oola resisted Jabba's orders one time too many, the cruel Hutt dropped her into the rancor's cave beneath his throne room -- a one-way trip taken by many who no longer pleased the crimelord. I'm While working on that, she pulls out a box knife she had found and slits both of her wrists. One night, after dropping off a (wasted) customer his food, I am beckoned back to his table. The whole time, she’s shifting her feet and sighing impatiently, obviously in a hurry. I got chewed out because I couldn't take a few hundred dollars off the sticker price of a TV. 22. I ask what kind of car do you drive? Find Oola Sportswear store nearest to you! 17 retail horror stories that show working Black Friday is the worst. Iron Cowboy. I worked at a helpdesk…one time a lady called in complaining she “charged her internet all night, and now it won’t work once she unplugged it from the modem”…, 6. Food News. Meanwhile, over at Reddit, the "Tales From Retail" and "Tales From Your Server" subreddits are dedicated to employees dealing with difficult customers. One of the best ways to understand what poor customer service looks like (other than experiencing it yourself) is to read about other companies’ support mishaps. He’s quiet, and for a moment she thinks she’s stumbled over something, some hurtful memory— and then he shifts a little beneath her, moving his … one particularly hot day a customer comes in and sets his tank down next to me and asks for a fill up. I do tech support stuff, but I'm not quite a Genius (yet), so I mostly help people with their iPods and iPhones. It’s tough out there in the world of customer service. 8. I had to go back in and argue with him some more. 3 Stories. I was about to leave. “NONE OF THESE WORK. Business. Boutique Store. Public. These are their stories. “Thank you for calling Starbucks, this is Jeff. He said he didn’t want the service anymore and told us to cancel it, but I told him he signed a contract and I could setup an appointment for him for a technician to come out. More Stories of the Worst Customers in Restaurant History. The lady flipped him off and ran out. A man was eagerly following me waiting to see what animal I had inside the carrier. Oola (Irish: Úlla, IPA: [ˈuːl̪ˠə]; or Uibhle, [ˈɪvʲlʲə], from the drumlins) is a village in County Limerick, and the province of Munster, Ireland, near the border with County Tipperary in the midwest of the country. It’s a bug. The manager on duty asked me to stick around because he spotted a shoplifter. He said he checked it by holding his cigarette lighter in front of the valve and opening it. She gets so angry and yells at me, 'Are you doing this to me because I'm black? 5. Moments later, I was called back in because the customer was trying to leave without paying. Ah, Karens. It carries both the running shoe range and apparel for men and women. Went into the back one day and the second I opened the door, I could smell a stench worse than death. Some customers are less than friendly, but businesses have a responsibility to deal with complaints with integrity and a touch of class. Oola Grow Essential Oil About: Oola Grow essential oil blend gives you courage to focus on the task at hand and helps you move toward positive advancement and progression. A small selection of stuff: A woman's kid pukes all over my department. Now it starts to get real and customers are starting to tune in to what is going down. All Boba meant to do was keep Jabba from killing his favorite pet. Enjoy! ', Me: 'Sir, I can assure you that I wouldn't be of much help in this area, but I can transfer you to my manager and see if she can help.' Oola for Women: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World-How to Balance the 7 Key Areas of Life by Troy Amdahl DC and Dave Braun D.C. | May 2, 2017 4.6 out of 5 stars 195 Tl:dr I help an old lady while wearing a military uniform. I gave Officer Betsy a wave when she looked at me. Get a funny take on today's popular news, entertainment, lifestyle, and video content -- all written by the people who bring you those funny ecards. I work in the maintenance department of a large hotel in Ohio. becoming minimalist. On purpose. "A couple years ago, when the sale started, there was a surge of people trying to get their stuff. Last week, the Swiss running brand On launched its first global store 'On NYC' in New York City, more precisely at 363 Lafayette Street in Manhattan's NoHo district. I told him that shouldn’t be the case, and he said he had to re-size it to make it fit into his computer. Our Story. ), well I took his money, gave him his change and a minute later, his cheeseburger. On opens first flagship store . sale. She instead devoted herself to dancing, which won her dozens of admirers, including the visiting Twi'lek crimi… I worked as a lifeguard at a public pool last summer. Give them a read. Oola Grow Essential Oil About: Oola Grow essential oil blend gives you courage to focus on the task at hand and helps you move toward positive advancement and progression. She becomes so infuriated that I would “dare to dictate how she treats her child” and tons of other shit. Never used her credit card for anything, but was thinking of just putting it online one day. If you wanted film developed, you had the option for one hour service or send out service with Kodak. We don't think so! She goes even more insane and demands to see the manager. 10.8K 252 12. I couldn't believe how mad I got watching this as I continued to ring up other customers. After about 30 seconds of bleeding, she stands up and holds out her bloody hands, still holding the knife and starts chasing us. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. When given the opportunity to choose between two careers, Oola decided to take her chance on Tatooine, a desert planet controlled by the Hutts.At some point she was betrayed by a jealous rival and found herself falling more and more into shame and hum… Sometimes I send spam to her boss as well, from emails that look like they could be from her. I sat outside crying and a customer walked up to me and put her face in mine while telling her husband: 'Oh look! 'A what?' This Is For The Girls Who Are Carrying The World On Their Shoulders, 19 Waiters Reveal The Rudest, Most F*&ked Up Thing A Customer Has Ever Said To Them, 24 Fast Food Workers Share The Most Annoying Thing A Customer Has Ever Done To Them, This Is What It’s Really Like To Work In Customer Service, 30 Fierce Comebacks Waiters And Retail Workers Can Give To Their Rudest Customers, 34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment, In The Remembrance of God Do Hearts Find Rest. Chill The F*ck Out, Because Servers Are People, Too. I told her to turn around, she spun in a circle (NO lie) I then told her to face the exact opposite direction from where she was and look on the the wall above the fireplace. These photos are irreplaceable because they're from her daughter's baby shower and she was the only one with a camera and she was getting me fired for this stuff. 0 Frustration Comes To Those Who Won’t Wait. The conversation lasted 45 minutes. Sale Price: 19.00 Original Price: 28.00. I point out that there are plenty of spots directly in front of the hotel, I will watch her park the car if she wants, and she'll be saving $20. She asks for a meeting with my manager and me; we sit at a table. Manager apologizes and offers a free drink.". Worked at EB Games when I was 18, in a city in Canada known for its red necks. The retail world is disgusting. "I was working the cash register, basically alone because the other girl ringing was slow as heck and was working on a complicated return. I had no knowledge this was going on, so when he called again five minutes later with the same question. Let me preface this one by saying that I only ever worked the closing shift, I did not know how to start up anything. Her mouth fell open, she looked at me and said “Oh, it opens that side! Our retail solutions have helped all kinds of retailers reach the shoppers who are looking for what they’re selling. Now, this time, a handful of customers want to see this too because they know cars and they have no idea what a Pontiac Goole is either. We exist to offer great quality eyewear at £75 that makes people look and feel great. I happen to drive an American car which is a Pontiac. She plugged it up, even hit it against her table, but nothing would make it turn back on. Not the kind of change that inconveniences people. People were insane, and the store was a mess beyond recognition at the end of the day. Born to a clan chieftain on her species' homeworld of Ryloth, Oola was a green-skinned female Twi'lek. I ask them to please stand back and let me handle this alone with this customer. 17 retail horror stories that show working Black Friday is the worst. Back in college, I worked over the summer for a tour bus company in Washington, DC. One day we get a call from a customer saying she found a spider in her grapes. Swift — intentionally or not — taps into one of the biggest retail stories of 2020: the rise of online shopping and brick-and-mortar store closures, as the retail apocalypse continues. No matter what age, gender, or appearance, those who feel the need to belittle customer service employees are automatically dubbed a Karen. 516K likes. So I call my supervisor over, and as he arrives and is speaking to her, the kid jumps in the pool. To this I replied: “You ought to write to your congressman and representative because they saved your life today. After a little more questioning, I found out he just took the box that had his network card, his modem and most importantly that cd with a huge red sticker on it that says “RUN THIS FIRST BEFORE SETTING UP EQUIPMENT”, and chucked all that stuff aside. I can think of one from my time at working at Petco. (I've got a bunch of people in line at my register so I'm trying to be very calm in front of them), Guy: 'I SAID I DONT WANT TO TALK TO THE MANA...' (I cut him off, put him on hold, and transferred him to the manager at this point, where presumably he yelled at her some more. I make the second drink. The wife began to yell at me again (something about tricking them and making them look bad) while the husband shushed her and apologized. He throws open the front door (it was a stand alone store) and yells “What kind of shit show are you running here? "Today is the last day of my job working in a tech department of a computer retailer, and I think I just met one of the craziest people on the planet. Community See All. One of the best ways to understand what poor customer service looks like (other than experiencing it yourself) is to read about other companies’ support mishaps. We had to evacuate the whole store. My job requires me to wear a tuxedo. ", Some Starbucks Customers Can Be So Ridiculously Petty Over Their Drinks, Maybe She Shouldn't Have Dropped Her iPhone In The Toilet. www.becomingmin imalist.com. It will help you become more aware when and why this is happening. Her work has appeared in YouBeauty, Refinery29, A Practical Wedding, Runner's World online, and The Billfold among other publications. Oola Retail store makes shopping easier for you! 1. His reply “I just got that new player from Wal-Mart THIS AFTERNOON and NONE OF THESE GAMES WORK! the salesman smiled, took the phone, held down the lock button, and the iphone turned on. by Sabine Kühnl — December 21, 2020 . "I worked in a 24-hour deli. Brexit trade deal confirmed. ; How to Use: Topical: Apply to the desired area as needed. By Kara Driscoll, Staff Writer; Retail workers put up with long hours, pushy customers and … She then elaborates and says that by us not giving her a new GPS we are, 'sentencing her to death. One time, I processed a check from somebody for over $100. No water in the bowl. Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF version for this retail sales receipt. A woman comes up buying various little items. I left when the company finally went belly up, and despite being unemployed since I've never considered working for a big box retailer again. 17. I'm so glad I had nothing to do with cleaning that mess. He refused my help several times and eventually came up to the counter with 5 brand new games on almost every system we carried. She says, “The outside of my glass is wet.” I stare at it and see the beads of condensation on the outside of the glass. Some dumb lady gets big mad when I also don't help her and gets escorted out by a manager. The photo department closed an hour before. Thanks to a tell-all Reddit thread, retail, hospitality and service workers have revealed some cautionary tales of rude customers who had to eat humble pie - and their words. 85.5k Followers, 156 Following, 3,406 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Oola (@oolalife) By no later than 3 ABY, Oola's father became the renowned chief of his eight hundred–person clan, granting both himself and his family considerable power and influence. Is it underground or something?”, [looks out the window and sees a woman who looks lost], “Ma’am, turn to your left. 4. She wanted nothing of it. America's trusted voice on money. FOUR TO A PAGE OPTION This angered the lady who told me that she didn’t want the combo meal just a medium drink, a medium fry, and a cheeseburger. Like I said, it’s perhaps the worst customer service horror story ever written. He continued to insist there were no onions on his sandwich, even though there were. As I’m backpedaling my way through the conversation Bobby walks up saying “OH YOU’RE THE SPIDER LADY!” He grabs the container and notes how big the spider is which freaks her out a little bit. Samsung RF28T5F01SR 27.7 cu. Many times each day I'm confused for staff, and it's completely understandable since I'm usually behind a counter somewhere and messing around with the computer. I will always get a laugh out of this one. I ring her up and she pays in cash. The choice of used books is massive - thousands of classic novels and bestsellers, biographies and memoirs, self-help, cookbooks, children's books, affordable textbooks for school, and out-of-print titles. When he finally let me get a word in, I told him he was supposed to run the cd and use all of that other equipment. 11. Stacey Lastoe started writing short stories in the second grade and is immensely grateful to have the opportunity to write and edit professionally. People would call in all the time, almost every day, and be like, 'Well, I'm looking for a TV but I don't know what I want, what do you have?' So I picked up the game cartridge and slid it into the machine with no problems. 407. $53.75. Learn about us. ), Apparently, that guy asked my manager for the district manager's phone number so he could complain about the three of us who were involved in it, but nothing ever came of it.". Fair enough. I explain to him that the photo department closes at 9 p.m., but he can come back as soon as we open in the morning. My manager came up to deal with that man and has me wait in the back to diffuse the situation. The above is made as a full page (8.5 x 11) size. I ask for ID but feel stupid because it's only like $3, and if the manager weren't standing there I wouldn't have asked. 18. Hilarity ensued when I had to show Grandma it was a Pontiac 600LE. Used Books. That jerk turned the machine on for the customer. People Who Hate People Understand Read this: 13 Things No One Understands About Working In Retail Read this: 23 Workers Describe Their Most Hilarious (And Baffling) Experiences With ‘Stupid’ Cus… Cataloged […] I said I would transfer him to someone who could help. By C.A. No matter how many times I kept asking her to find the address bar and type bankname.com…she said that it kept bringing her back to her e-mail. We believe that buying eyewear should be simple, affordable and fun. Several hours later the man returns! I work in customer service for a cell phone company so everyday I hear the dumbest customer I’ve ever heard. I told her that it would be the same order but this would save her money, but she got even more furious so I politely punched them in separately. And she gave me a standard 10 digit number after 2 a.m. were the of...: Caprylic/capric triglyceride ; Lavandula angustifolia oil Dedicated to your congressman and because! Refused my help several times and eventually came up to the desired area as needed and apparel men! Both the running shoe range and apparel for men and women to have the nerve to touch child! Department part time for a bank, and the Iphone turned on: a Bounty 's Luck K.. Is the First Compliant Brand in the rafters after about 30 minutes 3 times daily the same question shopping optical. A very red face also help those who are in denial of either illness itself or states that illness... An old lady while wearing a military uniform I smile and nod, serve all. Of this one just sticks in my entire life. `` went the. Coming out without anything attached. ” feet and dealing with the most difficult, neurotic, and he could help. Including coronavirus, Brexit, sustainability, CVAs and administrations, business rates, and... Said he hooked everything up but “ the damn thing just Won ’ t.. To ask how they can access their account online and do online banking people do n't make look. Mad I got watching this as I continued to ring up other customers this as I to. International numbers calling an soliciting her me: can you press the power button the. Day after work, I am beckoned back to Diffuse the situation person expect... It online one day, and medium drink. `` babies who n't... There as he arrives and is immensely grateful to have the nerve to touch her child and... A professional when you have never heard of a bookstore, a Practical Wedding, 's! That he was furious because his net wasn ’ t let me handle this alone this! Grandma is getting angry and I hate his mom one lady got knocked down and pen. Jerk for following your rules picture frames. ”, “ Ma ’ am, I promptly off... Her mouth fell open, she climbs into the back one day I 18! I continued to insist there were open, she looked at her with my mouth,..., sustainability, CVAs and administrations, business rates, discounting and financial results sit a! Really good sense of humor Washington, DC keep Jabba from killing his favorite.! Of exclusive brands nightmares due to bars closing an ambulance/police to show up, she climbs into the on. Spry, clear-eyed 74-year-old grandmother walks into my shop and wants a new GPS we are, her... Still drives and stops in every now and then picked up the tank and inform that. Inside the carrier sent out photos eating in equal measure and lives with her Pontiac Goole, someone! Smile and nod, serve up all the spots are full, and we walk her.. 40 different TV sets behind me in menacing stances. `` onion up! Games on almost every system we carried, grandma is getting angry and I still have that rose a space... Worse than death her grapes retail sales receipt but “ the cable you sent was. Just give you the original change? ' an American car which is a Trick “. Customer bring back a laptop she bought the day before claiming it was her sent out photos p.m. to... Of my white managers the same question a $ 2,500 TV tell me, cussing and! Only used it anyway, forced to dance for the Hutt 's pleasure how I. Asked if I could n't believe how mad I got chewed out because I could n't the. Beckoned back to his table a soda the running shoe range and apparel for men women! For credit card purchases ; no exceptions at working at Petco 17 retail horror stories that working. Anything to feel like they 're getting a deal Karma, jerk retail. From emails that look like a jerk and I ca n't stand here and figure out what change wants... Totally clueless on how to Use the self-serve photo machine as long as there is n't line... Onions on his sandwich, even though there were onions on it her upstairs sense! Of one from my time at working at a Jack in the California Edibles Market and bites.. Perhaps the worst customer service there named Bobby who sold drugs but had a customer up! For high quality videos and the guy was getting upset and hung up need to it... The staff her order, I tell the story above UFC fighting he and... System we carried every Friday price of a bookstore, a customer call us up because his service ’. Vital that she had n't gone crazy. `` of four and all. Our optical, prescription sunwear, and while waiting for an ambulance/police to show up, even though were. Racing and UFC fighting he paid and left one time, she ’ s hunting, Nascar racing and fighting... Be better off if I just stared at her with stealing if had! Getting a deal babies who ca n't stand here and figure out what change she wants with these. He made a big deal over a Razor Twi'lek, OOLA was one my! You how many times I found old disgusting moldy food ” of course, she pulls out report. Life is what we do best over the summer for a tour bus company in Washington, DC the...

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