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Suppose you are a professional interested in statistics and market intelligence relating to the banana trade. In that case, you can benefit by subscribing to Sopisco News, the leading source of reliable premium news on the banana industry and cool logistics. A unique access 24/7 to market analytics and data that will allow you to make better decisions.

Sopisco News has been supplying market intelligence, data and news relating to the banana trade and cool logistics for almost three decades, offering you an indispensable tool to understand the dynamics in your market better and at origin to take informed decisions.

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Sopisco News has been synonymous worldwide with reliable, trustworthy, consistent information and market intelligence relating to the banana trade for almost three decades.

As subscribers, we will keep you up-to-date quickly and easily from the banana plantations to the selling markets.

You can also contact us by online chat for any information relating to the topics we cover, and our staff will answer your questions.

Among our valuable readers, we have all major banana operators, traders and receivers. Ship Owners and operators in the reefer industry and cool logistics, the World Bank, the European Union, Wall Street analysts. Banana growers and Exporters Associations, Banks, Insurances, Embassies and many more.

You can get monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports and access the archived reports to know banana prices or freight rates at any past date for claims involving damages, insurance etc.

Apart from the weekly subscription, we also offer one-off purchases for some products or on-demand reports that better suits your needs. We can provide you with a comprehensive database going back over two decades that you can purchase on-demand. More information on all types of reports that you can access is available on our Store or by contacting us.

As a subscriber, you can access Sopisco News in weekly editions 52 times a year, accessible online 24/7 wherever you are in the world on smartphones, tablets etc., either on iOS or Android operating systems.

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